Thursday, 20 January 2011

Points to discuss...

Hello again girls. There are a few things that I've been thinking about which I think we should probably clear up/discuss for Monday in case we get asked about them at the presentation...

Colour palette: What are our inital thoughts on colours we'll use? I think we all mentioned muted tones with a couple of stronger/contrasting flashes of colour. Is this what we're still thinking/what we're likely to go for?

Style of collection: Obviously versatile. But do we need to go for a certain look, such as casual, smart/casual, formal, dressy. Personally I feel we should try to offer a little of everything - that would really support our 'versatile' element/selling point and think we could achieve this with 12 outfits. Also are we going to do a range plan? Obviously not of designs, but maybe just list what the collection will include.

Number of collections per year: Just cause Claire talked about this when we saw her. I think that 1 collection per year wouldn't be enough to generate enough buisiness to build a sucessful company. Maybe 2 per year? Then that's still 'slow', but still providing the customer with enough to hold their interest/offer them something new.

Maybe these are things you've already discussed further, so if they are, apologies and just ignore me!

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