Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Camilla Norrback - Sweedish Designer -Sustainability

Brand Ethos

"A high-fashion garment that is fairly and ecologically produced creates a new dimension – the wearer can feel both beautiful and proud. This is the modern luxury, what we at camilla norrback call Ecoluxury™!
Modern luxury is as much about the inside as it is about the outside. Superficiality is replaced by intellectuality, high quality and high-end design. Treat yourself to style, not trends, that is good for both body and conscience.
The chemical-focused textile industry of today does not only hurt the environment, it also creates garments that are in fact harmful for the wearer’s health and contributes to an outdated and unsustainable society.
As a total contrast to the current dispensable mentality we have chosen to produce the major part of the garments in organic or environment-certified materials.
For a material to be called organic, it must be environmentally produced in each step: growing, processing and refining. The methods employed are chosen to affect the environment as little as possible, using natural alternatives to toxins and chemicals.
Our mission to create sustainable garments affects not only the fabrics and processes but also the design. camilla norrback’s designs are shaped to last a lifetime. To combine high-end design with a sustainable production is the absolute essence of camilla norrback. With a camilla norrback garment, you get the best of both worlds.
Today’s environment-friendly technology for producing fabrics has evolved far enough not to impose any compromises with the design. We contribute to the industry’s progress in developing environmentally friendly materials by always putting great effort into introducing new innovative materials and processes to the fashion market." Camilla Norrback brand philosophy

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