Thursday, 27 January 2011

Name stuff

Hi girls, don't even know if this is worth saying, but anyway!
"Sei" is six in Basque.
Saw "Casi Cielo" which means "almost heaven" (in Spanish I think!) on a bag of coffee! Just thought it was really nice, maybe a bit off the point though!

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Hi girls, have posted a selection of my research so you can see what i've been doing and so that some can go on the concept board if you wish. If you need to see anymore just let me know and I can pop some more up. Bryony

Research so far: Legacy/Existence )Bryony)

"From birth to death and transcendance"

"...the romance of British heritage, artisanship and story telling..."

(Quotes from Sarah Burton in Vogue article) 

1. Isabella Blow book of letters written after her death
2. Religious imagery, The Creation of Eve from the Sistine Chapel (from google image search for 'existence')
3. 'Side Walk Graffiti', (from google image search for 'existence')

Research so far: Brands (Bryony)

1. Missoni advertising photograph: Example of a brand who tells their customer a lot about them, a brand which has strong values such as family and which is diverse - shown in it's images of family and of people of a variety of ages and sizes.
2. Hermes: Example of the highest end of the luxury market with an impeccable reputation, highly regarded name and recognisable branding - name, logo, style of product and packaging, using packaging as a selling point.
3. Tiffany: Example of a company who has made their packaging,as well as their name and product, famous and instantly recognisable.
4. Calvin Klein: Example of a well known and instantly recognisable logo - simple, sleek and effective - across a broad range of consumer.

Research so far: Print (Bryony)

1. Carven S/S 11
2. Mary Katrantzan S/S 11
3. Rochas S/S 11

Research so far: Various surfaces (Bryony)

1. Surface of metal (fashion feature in Grazia, metal piece by Angelos Frentzos)
2. Metal/embellishment (fashion feature in Grazia, metal piece by Byblos)
3. Embellishment (fashion feature in Grazia, Philipp Plein, Diane Von Furstenburg, Just Cavali, John Galliano, Oro Incenso, Wunderkind, Barbara Bui)
4. Texture (Vanessa Paradis, shot by Jean Baptiste for Chanel Rouge Coco Shine)


we have to choose between these two

Titania Inglis



Camilla Norrback Designs


Points to discuss...

Hello again girls. There are a few things that I've been thinking about which I think we should probably clear up/discuss for Monday in case we get asked about them at the presentation...

Colour palette: What are our inital thoughts on colours we'll use? I think we all mentioned muted tones with a couple of stronger/contrasting flashes of colour. Is this what we're still thinking/what we're likely to go for?

Style of collection: Obviously versatile. But do we need to go for a certain look, such as casual, smart/casual, formal, dressy. Personally I feel we should try to offer a little of everything - that would really support our 'versatile' element/selling point and think we could achieve this with 12 outfits. Also are we going to do a range plan? Obviously not of designs, but maybe just list what the collection will include.

Number of collections per year: Just cause Claire talked about this when we saw her. I think that 1 collection per year wouldn't be enough to generate enough buisiness to build a sucessful company. Maybe 2 per year? Then that's still 'slow', but still providing the customer with enough to hold their interest/offer them something new.

Maybe these are things you've already discussed further, so if they are, apologies and just ignore me!

Packaging idea

Hi girls, have an idea for packaging, so thought i'd pop in on here, see what you think.
If we designed a nice hanger (eg a nice white wooden one with our I:VI gold logo or something along those lines) and also design a sort off box (again, something nice, good quality, quite sturdy). The box would be a luxury alternative to a bag, and the aim would be that it would be either kept as a keepsake, kept to store the piece in or even as storeage for something else - not get thrown away as most bags do. The hanger would obviously be used for storage/display but would then somehow slot into the box and act as a handle for the customer to carry the box/bag. So there's minimal waste in all areas of display and packaging in the company. Just an idea but let me know what you think!

Label/Logo/Brand Ideas

Concept Research